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Cat Food Mat

Cat Food Mat

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Feast your eyes on the "My Trash Gremlin Thinks I'm Cool - Bon Appétit" pet food mat, where whimsy meets functionality in the purr-fect dining accessory for your adventurous feline. Inspired by the heartwarming tales of cats who've found their forever homes in the least expected places, this food mat showcases a playful cat peeking out from a slightly tipped-over trash can, now accompanied by the charming twist of "Bon Appétit" to greet your pet at mealtime. Designed for the cat enthusiast who appreciates a sprinkle of humor with their home décor, this durable mat not only protects your floors from spills and splashes but also adds a delightful narrative to your pet's dining area. It's a testament to the unique stories of our 'trash gremlins' and their journey to becoming beloved members of our families. Whether you're serving dinner or just a small treat, this is a stylish reminder of the quirky and loving bond you share with your cat, making every meal a cool adventure.

- 100% polyester blend front
- 100% neoprene rubber back
- Non-slip back

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