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Trash Gremlin Wine Tumbler

Trash Gremlin Wine Tumbler

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Unwind with a touch of playful charm using our "My Trash Gremlin Thinks I'm Cool" wine tumbler, a nod to those feisty feline friends who've turned unexpected places into cozy havens. This chill wine tumbler captures the adventurous spirit of our beloved cats, featuring a design of a curious cat peeking out from a slightly tipped-over trash can— a delightful homage to the 'trash gremlins' who steal our hearts. Crafted for the cat lover with a penchant for the unconventional, this tumbler is perfect for enjoying your favorite wine, keeping it at just the right temperature whether you're relaxing at home or picnicking outdoors. It's a whimsical addition to your collection that not only celebrates the serendipitous joy of feline companionship but also serves as a chic statement piece. So, here's to the extraordinary moments and the unique bonds we share—cheers with the "My Trash Gremlin Thinks I'm Cool" wine tumbler, because true coolness is recognized in the most surprising places.

- Material: 18/8 food grade stainless steel
- Seamless vacuum-insulated double-wall construction
- Clear, BPA-free press-on lid with slide closure
- Keeps liquids cold for 12 hours & hot for 6 hours
- Hand wash only

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